Metastatic Choroidal Melanoma and Liver Metastasis: A Case Report

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Sabhita Shabir Shaikh, Raheela Khalid


Metastatic melanoma to liver is rare in adults. Melanoma can arise from the skin and uveal tract of eyes and metastasizes to other organs, including liver. A middle-aged man who had right eye enucleation 5 years ago due to choroidal melanoma was presented with nonspecific abdominal symptoms for a 6-month duration. He had mild tenderness in the right hypochondriac region. An abdominal ultrasound examination showed two hypoechoic lesions that are suggestive of metastatic deposits. Triphasic computed tomography scan of the abdomen showed heterogeneously enhancing lesion that is indicative of hepatoma. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed T2 iso- to hyperintense lesion, giving differential diagnoses of focal nodular hyperplasia, hepatic adenoma, and fibrolamellar carcinoma. Immunohistochemistry results showed that the tumor cells derived from liver biopsy contain melanin as they are positive for both S-100 and MART-1, indicating that the tumor is melanoma. The histopathological examination should be performed on tumor cells from patients who have an increased risk for metastatic melanoma in the liver due to choroidal melanoma.


Choroidal melanoma, Liver metastasis

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